Facilitating mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and DeFi products by simplifying their usage in everyday life

About EQ Group

EQ Group DWC LLC is a Dubai based Fintech company whose aim is to facilitate blockchain-technology mass adoption, by simplifying the use of cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and DeFi products in everyday life. The flaim project, developed by EQ Group, aims to create a link between crypto and fiat assets, as well as insurance services based on building a community with offline and online sales, all those applications are carried by a social media app. We see ourselves as pioneers/simplifiers for the use of digital assets within traditional payment solutions. Compared to other projects, flaim passed by the “proof of concept” stage. Today the project services via web and mobile apps more than 500k users already.

EQG’s proprietary next-generation account & transaction processing platform provides core functionalities to support many types of digital financial services. Our unique multi-dimensional account hierarchy enables dynamic multicurrency handling, automated financial control and multi-level BI reporting.

Through NECP, EQG has vertically integrated financial services regulatory licensing, payment network membership and international banking partners to create a multi-product, multi-channel Banking-as-a-Service solution for EU/EEA, Middle East/GCC and selected countries in Africa.


Products and Services

flaim app

The social media app flaim services about 500,000 customers worldwide. The integration of payment services directly into the flaim social app will enable a rapid adoption of simplified mobile banking in the world’s underbanked regions. flaim 2.0 will be launched end of Q3 2021 and will have already all payment functionalities of our virtual pooling system (PowerWallet) applicable.

flaim pay

flaimpay is a hybrid mobile banking app and crypto wallet, which simplifies the use of digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and NFT’s, in the daily transactions of European, African and Middle Eastern users, while aiming to bank the unbanked users across the emerging markets in Africa and Asia.

flaim Token

Do not miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in flaim Coin ICO and get FLAIM (FIM) token for the lowest price possible. flaim is a utility token and the virtual currency of the flaim-ecosystem. Flaim coin holders will have the ability to earn staking rewards and even to mint synthetic representations of real-world assets in a form of NFTs, pegged to the value of the asset they are based on.


The sales and product platform services approx. 12,000 sales partner and clients. The platform offers the community services and products of well-known European brands, but has also integrated as first group related application the power wallet features MC uses already our coin as cashback currency.


Okobono is a platform for insurance and financing, which has digitalized the onboarding of insurance clients, their insurance agreements and the process of making offers to acquire clients from various channels of our project’s ecosystem. Okobono is currently passing the proof of concept stage.

EQ Group at glance

Facilitation of crypto adoption

Combines traditional fiat currency with digital currencies making it easily accessible for everyone in daily life, using a virtual pooling concept within flaim Pay.

Social Fintech powered by blockchain technology

flaimmarket - social media and marketplace - with over 500,000 (half a million) users and growing, creates a natural demand for the use of the platform’s products and services.

Turning individual life insurance policies into NFTs

First mover advantage in the area of individual life-insurance NFTs – one of the most lucrative and yet unexplored market segments within DeFi.

Community driven growth

Standardized plug-ins for product suppliers that enable the connected communities and their partners to generate revenue and profitability, while the internal community platform ensures cross-selling and customer loyalty.

Team of industry experts

Specialized industry teams who lead the various project divisions, in particular banking, insurance, digital assets, social media, sales and community.

Strategic Partnerships

Infinios is the enabler for the EQG FinTech ecosystem and as well a major shareholder.

Infinios works as EQG trusted vendor to provide the required services for the traditional part of the FinTech ecosystem. The collaboration with Infinios enables EQG to increase the speed to market by building products using Infinios’s technology platform.

The Infinios platform provides all the technologies and services required to operate digital financial services products via a single technical integration.

Digital Accounts

Digital accounts and IBANs as a service with flexibility to dynamically configure multiple products and services for business and consumers

Issuer Processing

Card scheme certified transaction processing for plastic, virtual and digital cards including issuer tokenization and 3DS 2.0 services

Payment Gateway

Payment acceptance technologies to enable integrated digital commerce and to facilitate straight through processing and the development of B2B supply chain eco-systems


Secure API and ISO interfaces to integrate with open banking, customer UIs and external channels and payment networks


Integrated digital customer on-boarding, KYC, AML, sanctions, CFT and transaction monitoring control frameworks

Financial control

Financial control and reconciliation including automated account and transaction reconciliation, general ledger and BI reporting


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